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GearDiggers is an international eCommerce website which is in the Home Decoration & Gifts industry selling unique products in very good prices. I started building it from 0 point with nothing but their visuals and products. It features multi-currency system, gamification for lead generation, 2

RE/MAX was created in 1973 in the US and is now a multinational giant in Real Estate. An important part of its strength is its strong global presence with 7,000 offices in 67 countries! One of them is located in Patras, Greece! The owner, was

Maragiannis Custom Brokers is located in Patras, specialising in customs clearance of imported/exported vehicles and food stuff like local fruits or wines. The business needed a responsive website that could inform and attract new customers. Their website has been proved to expand their client base

Myconian Brothers is an excellent and good-looking complex of apartments in… you guessed it, Mykonos! Steve, the host of Myconian Brothers prepares the breakfast and makes sure everything is right for the guests. In order to show the guests some photos and services of the

Troxonet is the leading car repair and tire change business based in Patras. They offer many more services including electrostatic paint on wheels, wheel alignment and car modifications. The owner needed a way to reach more audience and offer them his business’ services through email marketing,

Achaiki Pita is a traditional baking factory based in Patras which is known for Greek pitas for souvlaki. The factory needed an attractive yet useful way to showcase its products, production line and recipes. Moreover, an order form was needed for bulk orders plus some extra features