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GearDiggers is an international eCommerce website which is in the Home Decoration & Gifts industry selling unique products in very good prices.

I started building it from 0 point with nothing but their visuals and products. It features multi-currency system, gamification for lead generation, 2 payment gateways (Stripe & Paypal) and many customisations to the core in order to make it load fast.

For the marketing strategy I was on top of:

  • Facebook Ads targeting US – UK – Germany cold audience as well setting up a Remarketing campaign. Total ROAS 3.75!
  • Google Ads (GSN) with buying intent keywords globally
  • Search Engine Optimisation with optimal product descriptions in order to improve CTR

Well, what you’re waiting for? Check it out!

Date: 09/14/2018

Client : Unknown

Services : Web Development, Facebook & Google Ads, SEO

Materials : WordPress, WooCommerce