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Troxonet is the leading car repair and tire change business based in Patras. They offer many more services including electrostatic paint on wheels, wheel alignment and car modifications.

The owner needed a way to reach more audience and offer them his business’ services through email marketing, social media and digital advertisements. After designing an interactive & responsive website with tire search capabilities and a useful CTA phone button, it was time to grow its reach through SEO and growth hacking.

As a result, many emails were collected which to this day are used for email marketing strategies, plus the site now ranks for approximately 880 keywords (instead of 10 in the beginning). Finally the website is in the first position in Googles’ search results, leaving behind its competition while it organically attracts a lot of traffic each month which is crucial for conversions! Our main goal was to increase phone calls and that’s what happened.

Date: 07/01/2017

Client : George Konstantaras

Services : Web Development, Content Creation & SEO

Materials : Wordpress